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    C-Size VXI Mainframe, 13-Slot

    • Agilent/HP/E8403A
    • How to buyC-Size VXI Mainframe, 13-Slot?PleaseOnline Quote Requestor 24h service tel:13715327187
    C尺寸VXI主机,13插槽/Agilent/HPsmall image



    • 13-Slot C-size
    • 1000 watts of usable power
    • Efficient, quiet cooling improves VXI module performance
    • Basic mainframe monitoring for confident measurements



    The Agilent E8403A C-size, 13-slot VXI mainframe provides a balance of high-power and reasonable cost. It delivers innovative cooling technology, improved backplane design, high reliability, easy maintenance, and versatile accessories. The power supply in the E8403A mainframe provides 1000 watts of usable power, sufficient for the most demanding automated test applications. The innovative air distribution system provides extremely quiet and efficient cooling. Basic mainframe monitoring of the E8403A indicates normal operating conditions at a glance. A front panel diagnostics connector allows continuous local or remote system monitoring. This mainframe also complies with the VXI Specification by providing injector surface rails used by the Agilent QUIC easy module and extraction system. Superior cooling, reliable design, and system monitoring make the E8403A an excellent choice for all VXI test system applications.

    Standard Product Includes:

    • Agilent Technologies Universal Instrument Drivers CD
    • E8401A and E8403A C-Size VXI Mainframes User and Service Manual
    • Getting Started with VXI Guide
    • Power Cord
    • E8403A

    Quality Assurance:

    Most of our products were examined strictly before shippinp and can apply for a calibration report.

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